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The real-time polymerase chain reaction assay can be used to screen plankton samples for larvae in a fraction of the time required for traditional microscopial methods, which offers advantages for stock assessment methodologies for red king crab as well as a rapid and reliable method to assess abundance of red king crab larvae as needed to improve the understanding of life history and population processes, including larval population dynamics.
Although women members maintained a restrained presence in these societies a more resistant policy appears to have been more common: from 1884 to 1909 London's Microscopial society permitted women members to be elected as Fellows and to pay the appropriate fee but were not allowed access to any of the roles, functions or rights of Fellows.
Troutman was a member of the Society for College Science Teachers, the American Microscopial Society, and the Association of Women in Science of Central Ohio.
Using a striking analogy, he likens taking the rationalist point of view to our possessing the hypothetical "microscopial" eyes to which Locke refers: An experience in which we could see the minute parts that constitute objects would be so radically different from present experience that the two would be incomparable.