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A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere.

[New Latin Mīcroscopium, microscope, Microscopium : micro- + -scopium, -scope.]
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n, Latin genitive Microscopii (ˌmaɪkrəˈskəʊpɪˌaɪ)
(Celestial Objects) a faint constellation in the S hemisphere lying near Sagittarius and Capricornus
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Noun1.Microscopium - a faint constellation in the southern hemisphere near Sagittarius and Capricornus
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There are sections devoted to Ptolemy's constellations as well as "modern" constellations such as Microscopium (the microscope), Fornax (the furnace) and Tucana (the toucan).
As a man of the Enlightenment and unencumbered by classical whimsy, he named most of his new constellations after, as he put it, "principal figures of the arts": The Painter's Easel; the Sculptor's Workshop; Microscopium and Telescopium; Reticulum, the celestial apotheosis of his little refractor's measuring reticle; Octans, the Octant; Fornax, the Chemist's Furnace; and so on.
Lower still lies the small and insignificant Microscopium. On a really clear evening it is worth trying to locate its brightest stars; gamma ([gamma]) at magnitude 4.67 and epsilon ([epsilon]) at 4.71 despite their being at an altitude of just over 6[degrees].
Hubble saw a ring around only one, HD 202628, which resides near the southern constellations Grus and Microscopium.
Mirabile inquam; nam quod Telescopium in coelestibus corporibus ingentibus longo spatio dissitis, efficit, hoc idem in terrestribus corporibus minutissimis & prope oculos nostros efficit Microscopium. (322)
This mutual influence is seen most prominently in the language of the natural sciences (e.g., telescopium, microscopium, acus nautica, etc.).
This season finds Ceres swinging from the southern tip of the Capricornus star pattern down through little-known Microscopium and into easternmost Sagittarius.
Dwarf planets in 2015 Name Interval Constellation Ceres Jan 01 to Mar 31 Sagittarius Apr 1 to Jun 29 Capricornus Jun 30 to July 25 Microscopium Jul 26 to Nov 07 Sagittarius Nov 08 to Nov 18 Microscopium Nov 19 to Dec 31 Capricornus Pluto Entire year Sagittarius Makemake Entire year Coma Berenices Haumea Entire year Bootes Eris Entire year Cetus
At a press conference last week, researchers announced that the Hubble Space Telescope had detected such radiation from a Milky Way flare star called AU Microscopium.
Only five other constellations--Caelum, Mensa, Microscopium, Sextans, and Vulpecula--have a fainter lucida.
Farther south, 1 Ceres, the first-discovered and largest asteroid (diameter 850 kilometers), brightens past magnitude 8.0 in mid-July, reaches 7.6 at opposition in mid-August, and fades down past 8.6 in early October as it swoops from southern Aquarius through a corner of Piscis Austrinus into Microscopium. And while you're here, check out the 7.5-magnitude globular cluster M30, which is paired with the 5.2-magnitude yellow star 41 Capricorni 0.4 to its east.
Some of them have been shortened, thankfully: Antlia (the Air Pump), Caelum (the Chisel), Circinus (the Drawing Compass), Fornax (the Furnace), Horologium (the Clock), Mensa (the Table, named for Table Mountain in South Africa), Microscopium (the Microscope), Norma (the Square), Octans (the Octant), Pictor (the Painter's Easel), Pyxis (the Mariner's Compass), Reticulum (the Net), Sculptor (the Sculptor), and Telescopium (the Telescope).