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Noun1.Internet Explorer - a commercial browser
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Internet Browsers: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft IE 8+
You can read the complete features of the IE10 on the official Microsoft IE blog here.
Microsoft IE leads the pack with 58% and Mozilla Firefox has better than 31%.
With one browser that could at some point take the place of Microsoft IE, Office and possibly even remove the need for an operating system like Windows when all applications are online, Chrome could be the beginning of the end for Microsoft dominance.
OneStat confirmed that the most used web browsers as of November 2006 are Microsoft IE (85.
Microsoft IE has dominated the browser market for some time after taking the crown from Netscape, and its share of users has always stayed at about 95pc.
What this means is that all the cryptographic protections of SSL don't work if you're a Microsoft IE user.
Navigator retains more than a 35% usage share and, as noted above, if Netscape's owner, AOL, decided to shift to Navigator at the expiration of the Microsoft IE contract, Navigator would have a greater than 50% usage share.

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