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1. The structure of an organism or object as revealed through microscopic examination.
2. A microscopic component, device, or system, especially one manufactured using MEMS.


structure on a microscopic scale, esp the structure of an alloy as observed by etching, polishing, and observation under a microscope


(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌstrʌk tʃər)

the structure of an etched and polished metal or alloy as observed under magnification.


[ˈmaɪkrəʊˌstrʌktʃəʳ] Nmicroestructura f
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A team of researchers at Access, a research centre associated with the Technical University of Aachen in Germany, has developed a "common language" for modelling and simulation tools used in studying the microstructures of materials.
Applications of the optimization methods are presented for a spectrum of problems, including statics, dynamics, compliant mechanisms, and microstructures of materials.
MMFX Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Irvine, California, is a material science company formed to commercialize its proprietary, micro and nanotechnologies that enable the manipulation of the microstructures of materials to obtain optimum microstructural properties.