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Noun1.Microtaggant - (trademark) a microscopic and traceable identification particle used to trace explosives or other hazardous materials or to prevent counterfeiting
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
identification particle - a tiny particle of material that can be added to a product to indicate the source of manufacture
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The paint used to apply the QR code contains microtaggant that is only viewable under certain wavelengths of ultraviolet (UV) light making it difficult to replicate.
"In addition," she says, "special effects labels tre used for security applications and to ensure brand identity--through the use of holographic images, microtaggant technology, and other high end effects and applications."
Minneapolis-based company Microtrace, which has been developing minuscule identification solutions known as Microtaggants for nearly three decades, introduces a discreet, easy-to-integrate format with its Microtaggant security yarns.
Improvements to the Microtaggant product identification technology from Microtrace in the USA mean the taggants are now easier to detect, locate and read in plastics.
Microtaggant Security Inks allow printers to apply the anti-counterfeit technology to printed materials using flexographic or screen printing processes.
MicroTrace supplies its product, called Microtaggant Identification Particles--ranging in size from less than 20 to 600 microns--to compounders for masterbatches.
Microtaggant, a powdered marker developed for the explosives industry, is being used on the Blue Ridge Parkway for marking galax.
The Microtaggant UV-curable inks can be printed on most substrates using flexo or screen printing.
Microtaggant Security Inks allow any printer to easily apply the anti-counterfeit technology to any printed materials using flexo or screen printing processes.
Minneapolis-based Microtrace, LLC, has announced enhancements to its Microtaggant Identification Particle technology that boost its power to detect counterfeiting and unauthorized distribution of branded plastic products as well as address liability/warranty issues.
Dubbed Microtaggant, the marker consists of irregularly shaped particles, about a tenth of a millimeter in diameter.