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n. Music
An interval smaller than a semitone.

mi′cro·ton′al (-tō′nəl) adj.
mi′cro·to·nal′i·ty (-tō-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
mi′cro·ton′al·ly adv.


(Music, other) any musical interval smaller than a semitone
ˌmicroˈtonal adj
ˌmicrotoˈnality n
ˌmicroˈtonally adv


(ˈmaɪ krəˌtoʊn)

a musical interval smaller than a semitone.
mi`cro•ton′al, adj.
mi`cro•ton′al•ly, adv.
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Croft's melismatic music spiced with microtones, with Fraser vocalizing ancient Greek speech fragments, need an all-enveloping surroundsound layout, not the hall's limited PA system, to work effectively.
It's Mason's compositions that are essential to the pacing and structure of the 90-minute opera, often setting Brkic's words in microtones between the singer's voices.
For example, there are numerous parameters of mugham as performed today that have retained their pre-Soviet integrity and are not reflected in Hajibeyli's or Ismayilov's systems: structural vitality of microtones, aruz meters, transitions between modes through techniques such as gezishme ("walking"), not to mention the interpretive and imaginative states that mugham creativity involves in the moment of performance.
8, the score of which includes both very precise microtones and a selection of pitches which the players are invited to choose from.
Robert Vaughan is the author of three collections of poetry: Microtones (2012); Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits (2013); and Addicts & Basements (2014).
My opera singer is learning that her instrument can make microtones, "in-between" tones that only certain instruments such as the guitar, harmonica, and saxophone can make to create that bluesy feel.
These poets live on Megrim Farm the dolts nevertheless sluice brilliance shout days the less they snore whole odes in compensation exclamation the names of gods the authors take to picking at with microtones is this a New England with the poems coming?
The microtones of Arabic music flirt with generic four-on-the-floor beats.
Her early works dating from 1940-1960 are written in an American neo-classicism style, and her later works, post-1960, exhibit 12-tone, serial, aleatory, and tonal modifications and microtones.
Though George did encourage Charles to experiment with polytonality, microtones, atonality, and rhythmic complexity, it is important to remember that George also taught his son traditional harmony and voice leading, and even attempted to write a harmony book.
4 is constructed in the very traditional theme and variation form, but is composed using very nontraditional microtones.
It is based on a particular use of the diaphragm, which makes it possible to produce a notable quantity of microtones.