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v. cir·cu·lat·ed, cir·cu·lat·ing, cir·cu·lates
1. To move in or flow through a circle or circuit: blood circulating through the body.
2. To move around, as from person to person or place to place: a guest circulating at a party.
3. To move about or flow freely, as air.
4. To spread widely among persons or places; disseminate: Gossip tends to circulate quickly.
To cause to move about or be distributed: Please circulate these fliers.

[From Middle English circulat, continuously distilled, from Latin circulātus, past participle of circulāre, to make circular, from circulus, circle; see circle.]

cir′cu·la′tive (-lā′tĭv) adj.
cir′cu·la′tor n.
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