Mid sea

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Mid´ sea´

n.1.The middle part of the sea or ocean.
The Mid-sea
the Mediterranean Sea.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Palaniswami also requested Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to involve the Indian Navy and Coast Guard helicopters for search and rescue of fishermen caught in mid sea in the wake of the cyclone.
Investigations revealed that the boat had capsized at mid sea and Indian fisherman had transported them to Sri Lankan territorial waters.
Fishermen and tourist scuba diver in boat in mid sea
The suspected also provided full details of how they followed specific coordinates to guide them to the boat location where they would receive the explosives, firearms, ammunition and equipment found on board of the boat with an Iraqi crew at mid sea.
MV Seaman Guard, which is now anchored at the Tuticorin Port, belongs to a company in Washington which provided security to merchant navy ships in the mid sea to fight piracy.
Temperature on Monday is expected to slightly rise by 3 degrees yet remains below seasonal average with easterly to southeasterly winds and mid sea waves.
vbCrLF Distress situation occurred when the tow wire of tug towing the cargo barge snapped at mid sea and load out from the L&T fabrication yard got delayed.
In Book VII of Paradise Lost Milton wrote: Forthwith the Sounds and Seas, each Creek and Bay With Fry innumerable swarm, and Shoals Of Fish that with their Fins and shining Scales Glide under the green Wave, in Schools that oft Bank the mid Sea ...
More equitable distribution of wealth and the rich assisting the less fortunate is a different argument that has to be addressed globally by all countries and not decided in mid sea.
"This would reduce the pressure of bottom-trawling boats in the Palk Bay and will cost Rs.975 crores over three years", she told the Indian PM, and called for assistance to facilitate a Mid Sea Fish Processing park.
At least another 50 Ceylon Tea containers were in mid sea on its way to Iraq while another 50 containers, packed and ready for shipment, awaited in Colombo destined for Iraq.

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