Middle America

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Middle America 1

A region of southern North America comprising Mexico, Central America, and sometimes the West Indies.

Middle American adj. & n.

Middle America 2

1. That part of the US middle class thought of as being average in income and education and moderately conservative in values and attitudes.
2. The American heartland thought of as being made up of small towns, small cities, and suburbs.
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Middle America

1. (Placename) the territories between the US and South America: Mexico, Central America, Panama, and the Greater and Lesser Antilles
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the US middle class, esp those groups that are politically conservative
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Mid′dle Amer′ica

1. average or conventional middle-class Americans as a group.
2. the Midwest.
3. a region that includes Mexico, Central America, and sometimes the West Indies.
Mid′dle Amer′ican, n., adj.
Mid′dle-Amer′ican, adj.
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Lyz Lenz's God Land is a nuanced examination of the political, personal, and religious complexity of middle America.
Stillwater Frankie Lee The follow-up to what Rolling Stone described as "the debut of the year" is a mature look at Middle America, with lush sounds typified by Lee's gentle vocals.
Six weeks into her tour down middle America, the 76-yearold actress has promised herself to be open-minded and listen to those who hold a different view from her.
DONALD Trump has announced huge tax cuts for middle America and business, aiming for a 15% corporation tax rate.
AJ said: "The disappearance of Kat McKay's niece forces her to her small hometown in middle America years after vowing she'd never be Rediscovering the man and family behind, the secret that forced her to leave can no longer be kept hidden and the revelation sets them all on a path that'll change their lives forever.
The editor has organized the reports that make up the main body of the text in eleven parts devoted to North America; Middle America and the Caribbean Sea; South America; Africa; the Central Pacific, East Asia and Southeast Asia; the Indian Ocean; the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf; the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea; Northern and Western Europe; the Baltic Sea; and the Caspian Sea.
Founded in 2003, Baceline Investments, LLC is a Denver-based privately held boutique real estate investment company that specialises in the acquisition, management, and sale of necessity-based shopping centers in secondary markets across middle America.
(2002/15) Red State 11.10pm, Film4 Upon receiving a sordid invitation to a sex party in Middle America, a group of teens duly attend the gathering.
Middle America stopped the government from taking us into what even the president now concedes is "somebody else's civil war." This triumphal coming together of left and right was a rarity in national politics.
The Midwestern food movement - farm fresh and local with foods traditional to middle America; i.e., root vegetables and steaks
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