Middle Atlantic States

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Middle Atlantic States

also Mid-At·lan·tic States  (mĭd′ăt-lăn′tĭk)
A region of the eastern United States including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and usually Delaware and Maryland.

Middle Atlantic States


Middle States

pl n
(Placename) the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

Mid′dle Atlan′tic States′

New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
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You commonly see air-source heat pumps in moderate temperature locations, like the middle Atlantic states or in the South, said doctoral candidate Kevin Kircher, a member of Zhangs group.
May 20-23 Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association,
Musselman and Wiggins describe some of the most common edible plants, native and introduced, of the Middle Atlantic states and the Northeast.
The worsening storm stretched fromeastern Texasto theCarolinas, and is likely to reach the Middle Atlantic states by late Wednesday,NationalWeatherServicemeteorologist Roger Edwards said.
and Wiggins (environmental science, US Army Corps of Engineers) describe some of the most common edible plants, native and introduced, of the Middle Atlantic states and the Northeast.
Hurricane Sandy was the most destructive force of nature to hit the Middle Atlantic States in 200 years and one of the most financially expensive in the history of the entire United States.
In both studies, they used 7 years of combined data (1999-2005) for Medicare beneficiaries from two Middle Atlantic States, who qualified for pharmaceutical assistance programs, to look at the relative risk for a specific cardiovascular event, (heart attack, stroke, heart failure, revascularization, and out-of-hospital cardiac death), a gastrointestinal (GI) event (upper or lower bleeding, or bowel obstruction), acute kidney injury, liver toxicity, bone fractures, and three composite safety measures (cardiovascular event, fracture, and GI tract bleeding).
Now available in English for the first time, A Young Dutchman Views Post-Civil War America is the personal journal of a Claude Augustus Crommelin, whose travels in the post-Civil War United States spanned New York, the Middle Atlantic States, the Upper Mississippi Valley, and the battered South.
Irene is expected to be a brutal test for Middle Atlantic States, which haven't seen a hurricane since 1999.
Factory activity in Middle Atlantic states braked sharply in April and the number of Americans claiming new jobless benefits fell less than expected, implying the economy was struggling to regain momentum.
is expected to begin in spring 2011; order shipments, primarily to customers in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic states, are expected to begin in summer 2012.
All three feedstocks are byproducts of fermentation of barley grain for ethanol--a biofuel option that is slowly gaining ground in the Middle Atlantic States and the Southeast, where farmers could cash in on the production of winter barley cover crops while continuing to raise corn and other food crops in the summer.

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