Acadian epoch

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(Geol.) an epoch at the beginning of the American paleozoic time, and including the oldest American rocks known to be fossiliferous. See Geology.

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(1997) used the tools of biostratigraphy and depositional sequence to establish the chronological division of the Cambrian strata of North China Platform; Wang (1999) discussed the sequence stratigraphy of Cambrian Gushan Formation in Taihang Mountain area, which provided a reference for research on the Middle Cambrian sequence stratigraphic division in the North China Platform.
"Our results show the ancestor of land plants was alive in the middle Cambrian Period, which was similar to the age for the first known terrestrial animals."
Paleontologists from the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto have revealed more insight into the Habelia optata--a sea predator which belongs to the arthropods and lived during the middle Cambrian period about 508 million years ago--from fossil records found in the Burgess Shale fossil deposit in British Columbia.
The lithology of overlying strata, the Yangliugang Formation of Middle Cambrian, is grey microcrystalline limestone.
A small creature, smaller than an inch in length, that lived about 508 million years ago was, despite its small size, likely a fierce predator on the seafloor during the middle Cambrian Period.
The lower boundary of Series 2 is drawn at the base of the Soru Formation and the base of Series 3 slightly above the former lower boundary of the 'Middle Cambrian' in the Baltic region, marked by a gap in the Estonian succession.
They cover effects of sedimentary facies on structural styles in the Canadian Rocky Mountain fold and thrust belt, Late Cretaceous geology and fossils of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Lower to Middle Cambrian of the southern Canadian Rockies, the Mesoproterozoic Belt Supergroup in Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks in northwestern Montana and southwestern Alberta: sedimentation facies and syndepositional deformation, and Montney formation analogs: exposures of the Sulphur Mountain Formation around Canmore and Kananaskis in western Alberta.
Fourth: "Subsequent Mutations and the Quality of the Oil Reservoirs of the Middle Cambrian Rocks till early Ordovician Period in Oman" Principal Researcher, Dr.
Younis Baqi, Department of Chemistry, College of Science); (4) Diagnosis and reservoir quality evaluation of middle Cambrian to early Ordovician clastic hydrocarbon reservoirs in Oman interior sedimentary basin (Dr.
This carbonate sequence is unconformably overlain by the Douglas Conglomerate, which is an expression of the first intense deformation that occurred along the orogen during the middle Cambrian (Rowell et al., 1992; Stump, 1995), which is in turn followed by the final late Cambrian--Early Ordovician Ross deformation.
Similar deposits have since been found around the world in the Early to Middle Cambrian, notably the Early Cambrian Chengjiang fauna of China.
Toward this goal, we present the results of detailed structural mapping and fabric analysis of trilobite-bearing Middle Cambrian rocks in Beavertail State Park and along the western coastline between Beavertail and Fort Getty state parks in Rhode Island (Fig.
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