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Noun1.middle meningeal artery - branch of the maxillary arterymiddle meningeal artery - branch of the maxillary artery; its branches supply meninges
arteria meningea, meningeal artery - any of three arteries supplying the meninges of the brain and neighboring structures
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Their presence along the middle meningeal artery and trigeminal nerve branches suggests a role in meningeal blood flow, neurogenic inflammation and headache (Dimlich et al., 1991).
The middle meningeal artery (MMA) is the largest of the three arteries supplying the dura mater, the others being the anterior and the posterior meningeal arteries.
The trauma often involves the temporal lobe and leads to tearing of the middle meningeal artery.
Skull X-ray revealed prominent vascular markings of middle meningeal artery in right frontoparietal region.
Finally, sequential right external carotid artery angiogram (Figure 4) revealed the hypertrophied superficial temporal artery supplying the outer portion of the tumor and the hypertrophied right middle meningeal artery feeding the central tumor tissue with early blushing and delayed retention of contrast.
Preoperatively, the left middle meningeal artery was embolized, but the transosseous branch of the occipital artery was not because the patient developed transient facial nerve palsy upon vasoconstriction.
Recently, possibility of Middle Meningeal Artery-to-petrous ICA bypass has been studied in cadavers.15 Also latest flow diversion stents have been introduced.
The most common location of epidural hematoma is temporoparietal region 66%) which occurs due to injury to the middle meningeal artery.
The best treatment for PA originating from IMA is the occlusion of the affected artery, by transarterial embolic agents, distally at the level of the middle meningeal artery origin.
Furthermore, the vessel that supplied muscles at the cervical region and separated from the common carotid artery, the ascending pharyngeal artery and middle meningeal artery also participated in the vascularization of the ganglion.
A cerebral angiogram demonstrated the mass to be supplied primarily by the branches of the left middle meningeal and superficial temporal arteries (Figure 3).