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n.1.The world, considered as lying between heaven and hell.
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Interactive Entertainment has debuted Guardians of Middle-earth for Windows PC, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Monolith Productions and brought to PC by Zombie Studios, available today through Steam and other digital retailers.
Drout (Wheaton College, Norton, MA) heads a team of international contributors who offer insights into Tolkien and Middle-earth studies.
MIDDLE-EARTH mayhem is a fantastic first for Xbox 360.
That would be terrible for Frodo, but it would also be terrible for Middle-earth.
Tolkien acknow-ledged that the Ring myth was not an explicitly Christian tale, but Birzer makes a persuasive case that this epic of Middle-earth is shot through with Catholic sensibilities.
It is the greatest of all the magic rings of Middle-Earth, which include the nine rings worn by the black riders and the ring of adamant worn by Galadriel the elf queen.
But Sauron, Dark Lord of Mordor's One Ring, brings the other 19 rings under his control so he can rule over all Middle-earth.
Calculates the likely population of Orcs in Middle-earth at various times based on Tolkien's use of the military terms host, army, and legion.
The couple spent a week creating astonishing slices of Middle-earth featuring authentic costumes, furniture, weapons and props from all three films, including ``The Return of the King,'' which opens in L.
PEACEFUL, short folk with big, hairy feet who live in a corner of Middle-Earth called the Shire.
The Lord of the Rings tells the story of Frodo Baggins, a Hobbit who battles against Dark Lord Sauron to save his world, Middle-earth, from the grip of evil.