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(Placename) a former county of SE England: became mostly part of N and W Greater London in 1965. Abbreviation: Middx


(ˈmɪd lˌsɛks)

a former county in SE England, now part of Greater London.
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AaAaAeAcAaAaAeA Virg Woolf Born in Middlesex, England on January 25, 1882, (Adeline) Virginia Woolf is one of the most celebrated fiction and non-fiction authors of all time, she is also considered a pioneer modernist novelist.
That example is not lost on Malan, who has had to work hard for recognition via Middlesex, England Lions and most recently the inaugural North v South series in the United Arab Emirates.
Occupational therapist Jenny, from Middlesex, England, added: "Eileen has been magnificent throughout the whole process and thanks to her I feel well again.
60 percent), and Upper Denham, Near Uxbridge, Middlesex, England (40 percent), and is expected to be completed in April 2015.
Earlier this year B&B Investment Partners, a private equity group launched by the retail giant to buy small and medium-size businesses in the health and beauty sector, made its first acquisition, purchasing Aromatherapy Associates, a luxury aromatherapy company based in Middlesex, England, that makes upmarket spa products that are sold in 40 countries.
We review 2 cases of saddle-nose deformity that were treated at Northwick Park Hospital in Middlesex, England.
The text was written by Sybil Farish Partridge, born in 1856 in Middlesex, England.
Doug was born in Middlesex, England and immigrated to Canada with his parents and siblings in 1927.
Rustin of Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, Middlesex, England, presented the data on behalf of the MRC OV05 (Medical Research Council OV05) and EORTC 55955 (European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer 55955) trial investigators.
In 1972, she attended Centennial Week in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, and for a few years wrote the Worcester Evening Gazette column which exchanged with the Uxbridge, Middlesex, England newspaper.
In the team event, where Jessica was paired with Tin Tin Ho from Middlesex, England won all their matches, beating Scotland 5-0, Guernsey 5-0, Wales 4-1 and Ireland 4-1.
At first, I found the fact that there are one hundred fifty thousand records gathering dust in a temperature-controlled warehouse in Middlesex, England depressing.

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