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A city of central Connecticut on the Connecticut River south of Hartford. It is the seat of Wesleyan University (chartered 1831).


(ˈmɪd lˌtaʊn)

a township in E New Jersey. 62,574.
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At Calistoga, at the end of the railroad, they saw the six-horse stages leaving for Middletown and Lower Lake.
We re always looking for ways to better serve our constituents, so we re quite pleased to have this project underway, said Middletown Burgess (Mayor) John Miller.
AK Steel is an integral part of Middletown's heritage and economy and is a valued source of intellectual capital," says Middletown Mayor Larry Mulligan Jr.
With 46 immaculately designed homes available for purchase, 3030 Middletown offers prospective buyers the opportunity of home ownership at a favorable price in an established neighborhood.
Betsy Hard, deputy commissioner of the state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, said search and rescue teams were on their way to the plant and Middletown authorities have asked surrounding communities for help.
It links our Columbus, Dayton and Middletown operations," says Cohen.
Much has changed in the 116 years since the Middletown Police Department was founded.
A: I saw Middletown not only as the town that had the greatest concentrated death toll on 9-11 in the New York area, but as a microcosm of American suburban life.
Despite its suggestive name, Middletown is smack dab in the middle of nothing (there are even two other Middletowns in New Jersey).
Those who came to Middletown were out for themselves.
It's taken us years just to get the story out," says Middletown junior Alison Miller.
Middletown Tube Works selected Verticent ERP for its built-in dimensional inventory manufacturing capabilities, which help to provide the company with improved inventory management, manufacturing process efficiency and increased production capacity.

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