Midsummer Day

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Midsummer Day

1. June 24, observed in Europe, Latin America, and Scandinavian communities in the United States in commemoration of the summer solstice.
2. June 24, observed in many Christian churches in commemoration of the birth of Saint John the Baptist.

Mid′summer Day′

n. Chiefly Brit.
the saint's day of St. John the Baptist, celebrated on June 24.
[before 1150]
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Noun1.Midsummer Day - a quarter day in England, Wales, and IrelandMidsummer Day - a quarter day in England, Wales, and Ireland
quarter day - a Christian holy day; one of four specified days when certain payments are due
June - the month following May and preceding July
24 حُزَيْران
svátek svatého Jana 24. června
letný slnovrat
Yaz Bayramı


(midˈsamə) noun
the middle of summer. It happened in midsummer; (also adjective) a midsummer day.
Midsummer ˈDay noun
the 24th of June when the saint's day of St. John the Baptist is celebrated.
Midsummer ˈEve noun
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That, pending the arrival of this period, an income of six hundred pounds was to be paid to him by his two Trustees, half-yearly--at Christmas and Midsummer Day.
Laurence and Aunt March, for when the stately old gentleman chass'ed solemnly up to the old lady, she just tucked her cane under arm, and hopped briskly away to join hands with the rest and dance about the bridal pair, while the young folks pervaded the garden like butterflies on a midsummer day.
Four months had passed since the midsummer day that he and Madame Olenska had spent together; and since then he had not seen her.
I had nothing else to do, because it was the vacation, and I sat at them from morning till noon, and from noon till night: the length of the midsummer days favoured my inclination to apply.
HE following strange story took place in the early hours of Friday, June 24, 1994 - Midsummer Day.
The Finnic people have a custom to bring home birch saplings and green branches for spring/summer festivities, especially for Midsummer Day.
MIDSUMMER Day is June 24 each year and is one of the four Quarter Days in the Legal Calendar.
Because typical office lighting is about 500 times dimmer than the light of a midsummer day, even brief stints outside could help.
Bulgarians celebrate Monday Midsummer Day, widely known as Enyovden, a holiday related to traditional beliefs about herbs and their healing power.
On a midsummer day, in 1762, the particularly debauched and ruthless Dewan of the State, Salim Singh (known to have seven wives and a couple of mistresses), chanced upon a group of village belles at the well and fell in love with the beauteous daughter of Tulsi Singh and asked for her hand in marriage.
I was one of perhaps 20 privileged people in Los Glaciares National Park this midsummer day to witness the spectacle," Grosso wrote for EPOD.
As Midsummer Day approached last week the expectations on the allotments had risen significantly.