Mighty Mouse

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Noun1.Mighty Mouse - a fictional mouse endowed with great strength and courage
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The 56-year-old American, nicknamed Mouse after the cartoon character Mighty Mouse because of the prodigious distances he hits the ball off the tee, was one of the few to tame yesterday's winds which gusted up to 30 miles an hour.
He polished off Noppachorn, nicknamed Mighty Mouse, in just 86 minutes with breaks of 50, 62, 106 and 51.
A day after officially announcing his move to ONE Championship, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson made it clear that he won't miss the UFC and its culture at all.
But this mighty mouse turned the tables when he was tossed into a killer snake's cage.
He made his debut for Scotland there 30 years ago and despite his lack of height for a top- grade forward, McLauchlan earned his nickname Mighty Mouse by becoming the most feared front- row man in world rugby in the early 70s.
Johnson reigned as the UFC's only 125-pound champ from the inception of the division in September 2012 until last August, when Mighty Mouse lost a split decision to Henry Cejudo.
Initially regarded as a joke figure because of his lack of height for a top-grade forward, McLauchlan earned his nickname Mighty Mouse by becoming the most feared front-row man in world rugby in the early 70s.
Once the fight shifted to the ground, "Mighty Mouse" defended well with a full guard.
They also have managers who know how to cajole and get the best out of players, so long the forte of Mighty Mouse Kev.
The capital's 13th New Year's Day parade will be led by 70ft inflatable cartoon characters, including a bumper Betty Boop, a huge Hagar the Horrible and a truly Mighty Mouse.
Dodson, 33, contended twice for the UFC title twice, almost handing long-time champion Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson his first defeat since moving to flyweight.
"I still feel I can play some good tennis and there's some success for me to be had." Although Russell is ranked nine places higher than world No.78 Henman, the clay-court specialist failed to live up to his nickname of Mighty Mouse during a onesided first set which the British No.2 won in just 27 minutes.