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Noun1.Mikhail Bakunin - Russian anarchist; ally and later opponent of Karl Marx (1814-1876)
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All of the various Russian anarchist groups were heavily, indeed overwhelmingly, influenced by the writings of the two great anarchist thinkers of the nineteenth century, both of whom happened to be Russians: Mikhail Bakunin (1814-76) and Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921).
Mikhail Bakunin, God and the State, Paul Avrich (ed.
Transnational Radicals begins with a comprehensive discussion of the intellectual backbone of the anarchist movement, emphasizing leaders such as Mikhail Bakunin, Carlo Cafiero, and Luigi Galleara, and their influence in nineteenth-century Italy.
Bin Laden speaks in the aristocratic voice of a terrorist-intellectual, a Muslim version of the 19th-century anarchist Mikhail Bakunin.
In Dresden during the late 1840s, when Wagner was Kapellmeister in the court of the king of Saxony, he knew quite well the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, who had come to Germany because that was the cynosure of serious philosophizing, and, after mastering Hegel, had stayed to stoke revolution.
The "anarchists" in Oakland are not the inheritors of the traditions of such theorists of the Russian Revolution as Peter Kropotkin and Mikhail Bakunin.
The accusation of anarchism, too, seems to have been rooted in the activities of his father, who was close to the followers of Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876) and Pyotr Kropotkin ( 1842-1921).
Mikhail Bakunin News fresh from Tagali on the 31st of January 2012 -confirm assumptions, of a deep and escalating crisis hitting the ranks and the heart of the National Congress Party (NCP), the ruling party of the Sudan.
7) Within a single generation, however, it would give birth to the opposition-minded idealists surrounding Mikhail Bakunin.
Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876) was a leading proponent of which political belief?
Peter Kropotkin and Mikhail Bakunin, the Communards and the narodniki, the First and Second Internationals--all get plenty of attention.
In this book, Leier (Labor Studies, Simon Fraser University) presents the first comprehensive biography of anarchist theorist Mikhail Bakunin in over 60 years.