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 (ko͞o-to͞o′zôf, -zəf), Mikhail Ilarionovich Prince of Smolensk. 1745-1813.
Russian field marshal who distinguished himself in the wars against Turkey (1770-1774 and 1787-1792) and commanded (1805-1812) the Russian opposition to Napoleon.


(Russian kuˈtuzəf)
(Biography) Prince Mikhail Ilarionovich (mixaˈil iləriˈɔnəvitʃ). 1745–1813, Russian field marshal, who harried the French army under Napoleon throughout their retreat from Moscow (1812–13)


(kʊˈtu zɔf, -zɒf)

Mikhail Ilarionovich, 1745–1813, Russian field marshal and diplomat.
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Noun1.Kutuzov - Russian field marshal who commanded the Russian opposition to Napoleon (1745-1813)
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Prince Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov was the general who defeated the 'Grand Army' during Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812, the decisive turning point of the Napoleonic Wars.
And the Russian commander, prince Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov, comes across as a fat fatalist in Tolstoy's War and Peace, nodding off to sleep during war councils, in keeping with Tolstoy's theory that history is governed by huge impenetrable forces, and generals and princes do not really matter.

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