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(Greek ˈmikonos)
(Placename) transliteration of the Modern Greek name for Mykonos


or Mi•ko•nos

(ˈmi kəˌnoʊs)

a mountainous island in SE Greece, in the S Aegean: resort. 3823; 35 sq. mi. (90 sq. km).
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Menciona que en la isla griega de Mikonos en 1701 los habitantes escuchaban ruidos por las noches y sospecharon que eran provocados por un brucolaco.
Contract notice: provision of third party baggage handling services and/or ramp handling services and/or ramp handling services for in-flight catering at mikonos airport
Among the stars who will be performing during the summeris AmrDiab who is getting ready fora huge concert that will take place in Mikonos Island, Greece on July 26, 2018.
For instance, the pool deck has a Mikonos theme to emulate an escape from the urban environment, and a relaxing place to spend time," noted Chennoufi.
"The theme runs across the hotel worked, for instance, the pool deck features a Mikonos theme to emulate an escape from the urban environment, and a relaxing place to spend time," Chennoufi said.
For parking metres in the Municipality of Nicosia and roads with pay and display machines send an SMS to 9100, for D'Avila, Tripoli, Constanza, Podokataro, Mikonos, Grivas Dighenis, Pentadaktylos, Costis Palama and the children's play area under Solomou Square send to 9200, for Ledra-Ariadne and Phaneromi send to 9300, for Solonos Street parking area send to 9500 and for the parking area at the Municipal Swimming Pool send to 9600.
Djelepy, articulo sobre la arquitectura vernacula de las islas Santorini, Mikonos y Siphnos, en DJELEPY, P., "Les Maisons de L'Archipel Grec.
The first international gateways are slated to be Dublin, Naples, Mikonos, Riga and Amsterdam.
Iranian intelligence has assassinated more than 400 Iranian dissidents outside of Iran, including the last prime minister under the Shah, Shapour Bakhtiar, and four Kurds in Berlin's Mikonos restaurant in 1992 (a German judge later officially named Iran's Supreme Leader as one of the senior officials involved in the terrorist attack).
The last recorded attempt was in the mid-1990s, when Iranian Kurdish opposition members were killed at the Mikonos restaurant in Germany.
Carnival; Consorcio; Viajes Club; Viajes Laser; Viajes Roxana; Viajes Pacifico; Top Tours; Mikonos; Lima Tours; Aeroamerica Rep; Destinos Mundiales; Hada Tours; Nuevo Mundo, entre otros.