Mile-High City

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Noun1.Mile-High City - the state capital and largest city of ColoradoMile-High City - the state capital and largest city of Colorado; located in central Colorado on the South Platte river
Centennial State, Colorado, CO - a state in west central United States in the Rocky Mountains
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Denver, known as the mile-high city because it rises a mile into the clouds, is bursting at the seams with urban glamour,culture, art and social activity.
Dina Muchnick, a cannabis industry branding specialist who led the service for the Mile-High City's first Chai Havdalah, said it makes perfect sense.
The Mile-High City has joined the ranks of 20 other cities requiring large commercial buildings to report energy consumption data.
The Mile-High City recently started living up to its name when Colorado became the first state in the US to legalize marijuana.
Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy smashed a drive over the netting at the back of the driving range and on to a road - a carry of 370 yards - preparing for the BMW Championships in the mile-high city of Denver.
SPRING This is when the mile-high city of Denver comes to life.
The museum's Portland, Oregon-based architect Brad Cloepfil, of Allied Works Architecture, says, "The light is as much a material as anything else." Since most of that light comes from above, the design team utilized the building's roof and ceilings by devising a cellular concrete structural slab that mediates the Mile-High City's daylight and adds texture.
22-25, at the Sheraton Hotel in the Mile-High City.
That's all the Denver Newspaper Agency (DNA) says it was doing with a draft letter for advertisers that says The Denver Post will be the Mile-High City's only daily starting March 1.
With the international media spotlight locked on the Mile-High City from Aug.
Given the modern verbosity in communication, charging by the word would bankrupt most senders, given as they are to such messages as, "LIKE, YOU KNOW, HERE WE ARE IN MOTOWN, GOT HERE ABOUT 6 AND TOMORROW WE'RE HEADING OUT TO THE MILE-HIGH CITY AREA FOR, LIKE, SOME GOOD SKIING AND, YOU KNOW, FUN ON THE SLOPES.