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An ancient Ionian city of western Asia Minor in present-day Turkey. Occupied by Greeks c. 1000 bc, it became an important trading and colonizing settlement and also flourished as a center of learning. The city declined after its harbor silted up early in the Christian era.


(Placename) an ancient city on the W coast of Asia Minor: a major Ionian centre of trade and learning in the ancient world


(maɪˈli təs)

an ancient city in Asia Minor, on the Aegean.
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Wrought in gilded silver with enamelling and precious stones, the bust of the saint's head and shoulders, dressed in a high-collared chasuble, is attributed to three Provencal goldsmiths then working at the Angevin court: Etienne Godefroyd, Milet d'Auxerre and Guillaume de Verdelay.
In cities such as Smyrna (modern day Izmir), Milet and Ephesos ideas came into being which formed the foundation for Plato's and Aristotle's writings.
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1) T1--Wet forage, small particle, without inoculant; T2: Wet forage, small particle, with inoculant; T3: Wited, large particle, with inoculant; T4: Wited, large particle, without inoculant; T5: Wet forage, large particle, with inoculant; T6: Wet forage, large particle, without inoculant; T7: Wet forage, large particle, without inoculant + ppearl milet.
While it is debatable whether support from the father alleviates adverse outcomes such as depression for mothers, some research has found that fathers' support has aided mothers in coping with postpartum psychiatric disorders, decreased depressive symptoms, lessened the likelihood of the mother developing depression, and improved marital quality among married and cohabiting couples (Dehle, Larsen, & Landers, 2001; Dennis & Ross, 2006; Lemola, Stadlymayr, & Grob, 2007; Misri, Kostaras, Fox, & Kostaras, 2000; Zelkowitz & Milet, 2001).
It was injustice especially for one who helps bring peace to Mindanao," Jumoad said in an interview aired by Catholic-run radio station, Radio Veritas while referring to the 60-day kidnap ordeal of Milet B.
Key Personnel: Philip Shearer, chairman of the management board; Olivier Courtin-Clarins, managing director, research and development; Pierre Milet, managing director, administration and finance; Lionel de Benetti: chief industrial officer; Dominique Calvo, group human resources director; Pankaj Chandarana, chief financial officer; Gerard Delcour, president travel retail, agents, and the American area excluding the U.
Of central importance here is the fact that "the new security concepts stem from the premise that security is not the exclusive province of the state, but rather that it also concerns the people" (Jacome, Milet, and Serbin 2005, 3; see also Henk 2005).