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An ancient Ionian city of western Asia Minor in present-day Turkey. Occupied by Greeks c. 1000 bc, it became an important trading and colonizing settlement and also flourished as a center of learning. The city declined after its harbor silted up early in the Christian era.


(Placename) an ancient city on the W coast of Asia Minor: a major Ionian centre of trade and learning in the ancient world


(maɪˈli təs)

an ancient city in Asia Minor, on the Aegean.
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By the fourth century BC, a substantial body of philosophy emanated from several schools: from Thales and his followers in the city of Miletos in Ionia in Asia Minor, from the Pythagorean school in Croton (Crotone) in Calabria, and from the Eleatic School in Sicily.
--Asklepiades, 290 BCE On Kallistion the Courtesan O thou of Kypros; Thou of Kythera; of Miletos Thou Aphrodite of the beautiful Syrian plains And plunging horses; Be gracious to Kallistion Who has never Barred her door in the face of a lover.
Later the settlement became known as Madytos and later as Madytos and received migrants coming from Foca (Phokai), Miletos and Midilli Island (Lesbos).
It is most likely that it was from the workshops in these enclaves that the nascent scientific method emerged to be crystallized and refined into philosophy by Greeks with Phoenician connections such as Thales of Miletos (Herodotus 1972: I, 170).
Includes seven nights half board in four-star hotels, visit to the ancient sites of Didyma & Miletos, excursions to Ephesus and Pamukkale and the services of a tour representative and local guide.
This map was produced to improve navigation and trade around the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions and, most importantly, was a tool used by Thales Miletos to 'convince' the Ionian city-states to join a federation 'for security reasons'.
The original basis for assigning this list to the period 418/7-415/4 rested primarily on historical grounds, viz., the appearance of Miletos without reference to Leros and Teichioussa.
Dr Greaves was also the field director at the excavation of the Temple of Athena at Miletos,Turkey from 1995 and 2000.