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An ancient Ionian city of western Asia Minor in present-day Turkey. Occupied by Greeks c. 1000 bc, it became an important trading and colonizing settlement and also flourished as a center of learning. The city declined after its harbor silted up early in the Christian era.


(Placename) an ancient city on the W coast of Asia Minor: a major Ionian centre of trade and learning in the ancient world


(maɪˈli təs)

an ancient city in Asia Minor, on the Aegean.
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From the time of Thales of Miletus, in the fifth century B.
So again the Milesians, Herodotus tells us, were long troubled by civil discord, till they asked help from Paros, and the Parians sent ten commissioners who gave Miletus a new constitution.
The famous spearsman Idomeneus led the Cretans, who held Cnossus, and the well-walled city of Gortys; Lyctus also, Miletus and Lycastus that lies upon the chalk; the populous towns of Phaestus and Rhytium, with the other peoples that dwelt in the hundred cities of Crete.
These held Miletus and the wooded mountain of Phthires, with the water of the river Maeander and the lofty crests of Mt.
He went home with RW Owen, Garndolbenmaen, Just behind at 4,600gns was May 2016-born Foxacre Miletus from Ann Orr-Ewing, Wiltshire.
Other gymnasiums have been uncovered in locations around Egypt in Athens, Pergamon and Miletus in Asia Minor and Pompei in Italy.
She added that the upper class of this community at the time who spoke Greek were trained in sports and engaged in philosophical discussions in this gymnasium that was also found in the entire Hellenistic world such Athens in Greece, Pergamon and Miletus in Asia Minor, and Pompeii in Italy.
The most famous grid city, and one that is referenced on the first page of nearly every textbook on the history of urban planning, is Miletus (Fig.
This proximity led Thales of Miletus to reputedly turn the wings of Draco into the Little Bear, inventing Ursa Minor.
Among the figures are Aspasia, a highly educated woman from Miletus who settled in Athens around 440 BC; first-century Roman emperor Caligula; woman Greek poet Erinna, who died young, probably aged 19; Mithridates (132-63), King of Pontus on the Black Sea; and Spartacus, who led Roman slaves in revolt.
Archaeologists believe the king put up the stele in Miletus after Daryoush put down a Greek uprising there in 494 BCE.
The subject of the tender is making a new sewer water infrastructure in the local area clean and in northern nad miletus.