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In militar commanders and soldiers, vain-glory is an essential point; for as iron sharpens iron, so by glory, one courage sharpeneth another.
(58) "Agregado militar de Estados Unidos, Lima, al director de inteligencia militar, Washington", 19 de julio de 1930, en NARA, RG 165, 2033, doc.126-8.
The tests involved two children of Edgardo Militar, who signed the foundling (a situation when an infant that has been abandoned by its parents is discovered and cared for by others) paper of Poe after he found her at the baptismal font of Jaro Cathedral on September 3, 1968, sources told Gulf News.
tambien: Capellan; Ordinariato militar; Parroco; Pastoral especializada; Personalidad [principio de]; Servicio militar de clerigos y religiosos.
In the privilege speech on Tuesday, Councilor Bonifacio Militar said the 2014 ordinance which grants P10,000 per year, depending on the length of their service grant to barangay captains and kagawads on their last year of tenure, has legal bases.
"Wala namang pinagkaiba legally sa ilalim ng saligang batas ang pagkakaroon ng batas militar at ordinaryong pamumuhay ng tao kung walang batas militar.