Military architecture

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the art of fortifications.

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The castle welcomes domestic and international visitors and is a big draw owing to its history and traditional military architecture.
The castle welcomes visitors and tourists from inside and outside the Sultanate to view this historical facility, its details and secrets in the traditional military architecture.
Woopert said the acquisition of SadlerArchitects will expand its military architecture portfolio to the Navy and Army and add to its growing portfolio of projects with the Air Force, education and athletic institutions, as well as municipal clients.
The photographs portray the broad range of Qatar's vernacular, domestic, public, religious, and military architecture.
The photographs portray the broad range of Qatar's vernacular, domestic, public, religious, and military architecture. "The architecture of a culture uniquely reflects its people and the time and place in which they lived.
"The impressive West Gate itself is one of the most imposing historical structures in the area and gives a real sense of the size and scale of Roman military architecture."
Turkey signed an agreement to buy the multibillion dollar S-400 missile system from Russia in late December, in a move which raised concern in the West because they cannot be integrated into NATO's military architecture. Moscow is scheduled to begin supplying the missile systems in the first quarter of 2020.
The S-400 deal, reportedly worth about $2.5bn, has caused concern in the West because Turkey is a member of Nato and the system cannot be integrated into Nato's military architecture.
The discovery is important because it adds to the history of military architecture in Egypt, particularly as one of the fortresses leads to the eastern entrance of Egypt, and as Tell el-Maskhuta represents an extraordinary example of ancient Egyptian fortresses east of the Nile, he added.
Giuliano's experimentation with religious, civic and military architecture is examined, as well as the achievements of his workshop.
CHEPSTOW CASTLE September 24 & 25, 11am-4pm From around 1067 through to 1690, the castle, almost chameleon-like, the castle changed its appearance as fashions changed in military architecture.

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