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Army base

A base or group of installations for which a local commander is responsible, consisting of facilities necessary for support of Army activities including security, internal lines of communications, utilities, plants and systems, and real property for which the Army has operating responsibility. See also base complex.
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Noun1.Army base - a large base of operations for an armyarmy base - a large base of operations for an army
base, base of operations - installation from which a military force initiates operations; "the attack wiped out our forward bases"
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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Lu Kang during a news briefing said there should not be any speculation when it comes to building a military base in Pakistan.
China likely to build military base in Pakistan: US
I am not aware of which you mentioned,' Lu Kang said while responding to a question about alleged building of a Chinese military base in Pakistan, during his regular press briefing held here.
The report quotes a 'Washington Times' report that China is in talks with Pakistan to build its second overseas military base as part of a push for greater maritime capabilities along strategic sea routes.
The soldiers will join another group which previously arrived at Tariq bin Ziyad military base in the Persian Gulf state.
The House Committee on Land and Resource Management heard testimony last week from dozens of citizens who oppose municipal annexation - many of whom were similarly skeptical of the military base argument.
He stressed that no agreement on establishment of the military base was signed.
ISIS seized a military base overnight after fierce fighting with Syrian soldiers for a large Syrian military base on the outskirts of the city of Raqqa.
Four F16s and one LanceR took off from the military base Thursday as Dacian Viper 2014 got underway.
the facilities used by the Russian military base to ensure Armenia's security has repeatedly been changed depending on the task the base
aWe are shocked by the governmentas idea to use the former military base, a site with historical significance, for a shelter for refugees when it should be used to become an international travel destination as a museuma, says the open letter.
With reference to the Incirlik military base, the book examines a wide array of issues ranging from the politics of military bases for the US and to the impact of such bases on American hegemony in general, and to Turkish-American relations in particular.