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(ˈkʌləz) or


pl n
1. (Heraldry)
a. the flag that indicates nationality
b. military the ceremony of hoisting or lowering the colours
2. (Military) a pair of silk flags borne by a military unit, esp British, comprising the Queen's Colour showing the unit's crest, and the Regimental Colour showing the crest and battle honours
3. true nature or character (esp in the phrase show one's colours)
4. a distinguishing badge or flag, as of an academic institution
5. (General Sporting Terms) sport Brit a badge or other symbol denoting membership of a team, esp at a school or college
6. informal a distinguishing embroidered patch denoting membership of a motorcycle gang
7. nail one's colours to the mast
a. to refuse to admit defeat
b. to declare openly one's opinions or allegiances
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Noun1.colours - a distinguishing emblem; "his tie proclaimed his school colors"
emblem - special design or visual object representing a quality, type, group, etc.
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
2.colours - a flag that shows its nationalitycolours - a flag that shows its nationality  
ensign - colors flown by a ship to show its nationality
flag - emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive design
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
إمْتِياز، فَوْزعَلَممَلابِس مُلَوَّنَه مُمَيِّزَه
barvypraporřazení do družstvavlajka
faneflagjockeydragtkomme med på holdet
nemzeti zászló
borîi, merkiflagg, fánikomast í liî
zaradenie do mužstva
bayrakflâmaformasancaktakıma girme


(American) color (ˈkalə) noun
1. a quality which objects have, and which can be seen, only when light falls on them. What colour is her dress?; Red, blue and yellow are colours.
2. paint(s). That artist uses water-colours.
3. (a) skin-colour varying with race. people of all colours.
4. vividness; interest. There's plenty of colour in his stories.
(of photographs etc) in colour, not black and white. colour film; colour television.
to put colour on; to paint. They coloured the walls yellow.
ˈcoloured adjective
1. having colour. She prefers white baths to coloured baths.
2. belonging to a dark-skinned race. There are only two white families living in this street – the rest are coloured.
(sometimes used impolitely) a dark-skinned person especially of Negro origin.
ˈcolourful adjective
1. full of colour. a colourful pattern.
2. vivid and interesting. a colourful account of his experiences.
ˈcolouring noun
1. something used to give colour. She put pink colouring in the icing.
2. complexion. She had very high colouring (= a very pink complexion).
ˈcolourless adjective
1. without colour. Water is colourless.
2. not lively or interesting. a colourless young woman.
ˈcolours noun plural
1. the distinction of winning a place in the team in some sports. He won his cricket colours last season.
2. a flag. Army regiments salute the colours when on parade.
3. a tunic of certain colours worn by a jockey to show that his race-horse belongs to a certain person.
ˈcolour-blind adjective
unable to tell the difference between certain colours. As he was colour-blind he could not distinguish between red and green.
ˈcolour scheme noun
an arrangement or choice of colours in decorating a house etc.
ˌoff-ˈcolour adjective
not feeling well. He was a bit off-colour the morning after the party.
colour in
to put colour into (drawings etc). He coloured in all the oblong shapes on the page.
show oneself in one's true colours
to show or express one's real character, opinion etc. He pretends to be very generous but he showed himself in his true colours when he refused to give money to charity.
with flying colours
with great success. He passed his exam with flying colours.
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Their service done; Canada's military colours can find their final rest at Beechwood.
By Wednesday the soldiers had completed putting up a fence around the property in green military colours.
Taking on a First World War focus for this centenary year of the end of the war, the steam fair will feature locomotives, traction engines, steam rollers, cars, lorries and motorbikes, many of them in military colours and livery.
Bringing together military attributes to an easily accessible fashion urban culture they presented a collection of strong blending military colours and camouflage prints to combat boots, contributing to a powerful style statement.
It confirms the longacquired national preoccupation with spreading rumours and falsehood by camouflaging these in military colours.
Drums draped with military colours were used in place of an altar to replicate services held on the front line 100 years ago.

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