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 (frôg′măn′, -mən, frŏg′-)
A swimmer provided with breathing apparatus and other equipment to execute underwater maneuvers, especially military maneuvers.


n, pl -men
(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) a swimmer equipped with a rubber suit, flippers, and breathing equipment for working underwater


(ˈfrɒgˌmæn, -mən, ˈfrɔg-)

n., pl. -men (-ˌmɛn, -mən)
a swimmer specially equipped with air tanks, wet suit, diving mask, etc., for underwater demolition, salvage, military operations, scientific exploration, and the like.
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Noun1.frogman - someone who works underwaterfrogman - someone who works underwater  
deep-sea diver - a diver in the deeper parts of the sea
explorer, adventurer - someone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose)
pearl diver, pearler - a diver who searches for molluscs containing pearls
scuba diver - an underwater diver who uses scuba gear
ضِفْدَع بَشَري
žabí muž
froskmaîur, sundkafari
žabí muž
kurbağa adam


[ˈfrɒgmən] N (frogmen (pl)) → hombre rana m


[ˈfrɒgmən] nhomme-grenouille mfrog-march frogmarch [ˈfrɒgmɑːrtʃ] vt
to frog-march sb out (= hustle) → faire sortir qn de force
They frog-marched the men to the police station → Ils ont emmené de force les hommes au commissariat.frogs' legs npl (as food)cuisses fpl de grenouilles


[ˈfrɒgmən] n (-men (pl)) → sommozzatore m, uomo m rana inv


(frog) noun
a small jumping animal, without a tail, that lives on land and in water.
ˈfrogman noun
an underwater swimmer who uses breathing apparatus and flippers.
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Regarding inquiries about the diving and the challenges confront it, the president of the Saudi Federation of Marine Sports said: "The issue is still under discussion and it took three years because it is divided into three types and is included under recreational and tourism diving, as well as military diving.
The intention is that all military diving equipment including but not limited to; suits, tools, compressors, cylinders etc.
Each year, more than 1,200 divers pass through the schoolhouse, an institution that provides unprecedented exposure to every facet of military diving.
For this purpose, the relationships between levels of underwater adaptation and performance and individual differences are analyzed in order to: (1) ascertain the correlation of measures of intelligence with adaptation and performance in diving, (2) ascertain the correlation of personality traits with these same criteria, and (3) quantify the contribution of individual differences in personality to the predictive validity of intelligence in the military diving field.
The psychological evaluation of the applicants' aptitude to perform military diving courses included, among others, the following tests.
Meanwhile Iranian special forces and military diving units practiced defending their ports and coastline against attacks yesterday, state-linked media reported during naval war games meant to warn off states threatening the Islamic republic.

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