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Sed milites neglecto principe requisitos Petronium uno ictu, Parthenium.
Many of the traits that Shahid attributes to the Ghassanid are to be found in contemporary Islam, notably its spiritual intensity and its tendency to refer to all things Allah, similar to the milites Christi of the Ghassanid.
Giustamente, Marcozzi rileva la "sterminata fortuna" (66) di questa metafora, a partire dalla Psychomachia prudenziana, in cui gli "ordini monastici mendicanti si presentavano sotto le vesti di milites armati [.
The documents bear the title Milites Templi Salomonis - or Knights of the Temple of Solomon of Jerusalem - and show how land was given by Lady Alina, Richard de Rihil and Jordan of Floketun in areas including South Crosland, Lepton, Greetland, Clayton and Thurstonland.
She stresses the symbiotic relationship between sword--wielders and the clergy--each in their own way milites Christi--acknowledging both the contradictions and complementarities of their various relationships.
Maurice's identification with Germanic military force was at times so strong that his name was given to eleventh-century Saxon men at arms, called milites mauriciani, and the term Maurician Imperialism came later to denote the twin activities of conquest and forced conversion (Devisse 2.
Secondly, he does not always know how to handle historical evidence: for example, he is very confused about the Statute of Additions and its purpose, and about designation of status in general; he is uncertain about legal processes and how they operated; crucially for part of his argument, he does not realize that milites in certain contexts could still mean mounted soldiers, as it seems to do in the list of men who went to Scotland in 1462, since several of these milites were clearly not knights.
At this place [Castlecary Roman fort] was also dug up another portable Altar, with an Inscription partly obliterated; only in the Middle, beneath the Cornice, are these Words: MILITES VEXILLATIO III.
All the sources agree on the word MATRIBVS in line 1 and MILITES ('soldiers') in line 2.
17-23) e dedicata ad una sintetica presentazione dei materiali poetici di Guittone, articolata tra le fonti manoscritte e le piu notevoli edizioni a stampa, rilevando in particolare la separazione tra le due fasi biografiche dell'autore che assumono rilievo dirimente nella sua attivita letteraria, cioe prima e dopo l'ingresso (datato al 1265) nell'ordine dei Milites Beatae Virginis Mariae.
In the medieval legal tradition, the topos of arms and letters was associated with two distinct social orders: milites and doctores.
Milites in Roman law belonged to the privileged segment of society, the honestiores (as distinct from the unprivileged humiliores), which also included veterans, senators, equ estrians, decurions, and certain types of judges and magistrates.