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An ancient Ionian city of western Asia Minor in present-day Turkey. Occupied by Greeks c. 1000 bc, it became an important trading and colonizing settlement and also flourished as a center of learning. The city declined after its harbor silted up early in the Christian era.


(Placename) an ancient city on the W coast of Asia Minor: a major Ionian centre of trade and learning in the ancient world


(maɪˈli təs)

an ancient city in Asia Minor, on the Aegean.
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Milito scored either side of the break as Inter completed the treble, having already sealed the domestic league and cup double.
Argentine Milito had scored in all three knock-out rounds and he finished with aplomb to open the scoring after 35 minutes, flicking on Julio CesarAAEs long goal kick before being picked out byWesley Sneijder.
His second, 20 minutes from time, was even more impressive asSamuel EtoAAEoplayed him in down the left channel and Milito cutDaniel Van Buyteninside out before burying his finish in the far corner for his 30th goal of the season.