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from side to side while an uncle slid a milk bucket
"The benefits from the agreement for Wisconsin dairy farmers will be a drop in the milk bucket, lost in the annual variation in sales and production of milk products."
After about six weeks or so, the water company managed to erect a standpipe outside the first block of three houses and ourselves and our next door neighbour had to collect our water from there using a milk churn and stainless stee milk bucket that was loaned to us by my uncle, who was a local farmer.
I'd take the filter out of the dented milk bucket to let the kittens lick the milk off of it.
You will need to wash and scald all your milking utensils, including the milk bucket, each time you use them.
Now you just have to drill the fittings on the milk bucket (pressure cooker pot).
It was usable but the small milk bucket wasn't quite big enough when used on my most productive doe, The foam from the milk would be sucked into the small vacuum tank and the milk bucket was so light that it tipped over easily.