dulce de leche

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dul·ce de le·che

 (do͞ol′sĕ dĕ lĕ′chĕ)
A smooth, thick mixture made of caramelized milk and sugar, used as a flavoring, spread, or dessert topping.

[Spanish : dulce, sweet, sweet food (from Old Spanish, from Latin dulcis) + de, of (from Old Spanish, from Latin ) + leche, milk (from Old Spanish, from Latin lac); see melg- in Indo-European roots.]
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The author champions the splendid local fish, potato varieties, meats, and berries, but leads off with a rich introduction to fresh dairy products, including directions for making butter, a number of cheeses, Milk Jam, and even homemade Irish Cream.
TO SERVE: Place a small dot of milk jam on a plate and top with a fried potato skin.
The wide range of products include powdered milk, fluid milk, sweetened condensed milk, butter, milk cream, cheeses (gorgonzola, parmesan/ grana padano and others), milk jam, modified milk, yoghurts and whey.
Arcor's offerings include nonchocolate confections, chocolate, cookies and crackers, and ice cream products, as well as other food items, including sauces and canned tomatoes, tomato purees, fruit paste, canned vegetables and fruits, powder desserts, jams and jelly, cocoa powder, polenta, corn flour, oils, frozen products, juices, canned fish, canned vegetables and legumes, milk jam (dulce de leche), and dressings.
The milk jam takes a speck of Princess Diana's hair and infuses it in gin before it is turned into jam with milk and sugar.
The creme brulee won the day, a fab thing with unusual accompaniments - mousseline brioche and milk jam.
For the bourbon milk jam, in a small saucepan, bring the bourbon and sugar to a boil and maintain at a simmer for five minutes.
For the milk jam, in a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine all of the ingredients.