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 (prō′pō-fôl′, -fōl′)
A rapidly acting sedative and hypnotic drug, C12H18O, administered intravenously to induce and maintain anesthesia or sedation.

[prop(yl) + alteration of ph(en)ol.]
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But instead of caving in to his dangerous demands, the physician issued him with a dire warning that far from being his saviour, the sedative medics call the milk of amnesia could kill him.
Arranged as tight sequential grids, the paintings for three new videos, Coke Girl, Woman on the Beach, and Memento Mickey (all 2005), and three older videos, Milk of Amnesia, 1992, Garden of Regrets, 1994, and Lost and Found, 2004, are less studies or raw material than miniature works in their own right, pages torn from a flip book of dizzying chromatic breadth that depict the same subject in various combinations of watercolor, gouache, crayon, colored pencil, and collage.
Their other festival representative was Milk of Amnesia (4.
Whitley Wobbler, Milk of Amnesia and Devil's Water were on the menu for lovers of real ale on Tyneside.
What I wanted to deal with in Milk of Amnesia was to bring to life an entire culture--Cuban culture.
In Milk of Amnesia, an amnesiac Carmelita Tropicana returns to Cuba to regain her memory.
Even the Dead," the title poem, closes the volume with powerful admonitions against the collapse of amnesty into amnesia--syntagmatic or paradigmatic, CNN's globalised amnesia, the Gulf War's lobotomised amnesia, Third World structurally adjusted amnesia, Hollywood's milk of amnesia.
Font Valley's representatives at Newcastle are Milk of Amnesia (4.