dulce de leche

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dul·ce de le·che

 (do͞ol′sĕ dĕ lĕ′chĕ)
A smooth, thick mixture made of caramelized milk and sugar, used as a flavoring, spread, or dessert topping.

[Spanish : dulce, sweet, sweet food (from Old Spanish, from Latin dulcis) + de, of (from Old Spanish, from Latin ) + leche, milk (from Old Spanish, from Latin lac); see melg- in Indo-European roots.]
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In Singapore on Sunday, food safety officials announced that White Rabbit candy, a popular Chinese brand of milk sweet, had been found to be contaminated with melamine.
China announced earlier this month that some locally made milk powder had been contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine, which can cause kidney stones, and the scandal has since widened to include even a popular milk sweet.
According to Monica Buitrago, who works at Dunkin' Donuts's El Dorado branch, the honors go to arequipe--Colombia's fabulously rich condensed milk sweet, featured in a filled doughnut.
Also debuting at the show is the Argentinian pavilion, featuring two companies, including Andyson SA which is launching its milk sweet caramel product.
Bulacan's pride-the pastillas de borlas, the milk sweets wrapped in intricately-patterned paper-completed the fiesta feel.
They built a snow woman In our street Oh, what a treat What a show How the light catches The snow and makes It look golden They made car tracks Dance and sing Making patterns Like rings and zig zags Oh, what a treat To walk in car tracks Down and up the street They filled our bags With magic things Like bread, milk Sweets and chocolates Still the light caught The trolley and made It glow Oh , what a treat Oh what a show And the Moon Danced across the Sky With a November smile And gave us a secret look At days gone by Oh, how I remember Other Winter days And of shovels and sledges.
Krishnagiri (Tamil Nadu), May 3 (ANI): A voluntary organization in Tamil Nadu's Krishnagiri District is helping women sell homemade milk sweets in the market.