Mill bar

(Iron Works) a rough bar rolled or drawn directly from a bloom or puddle bar for conversion into merchant iron in the mill.

See also: Mill

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There has been considerable investment in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and our Mill Bar and Bistro, and the partnership with Ericsson which will make us one of the best connected venues in the UK.
It features more than 80 events in 18 venues with the Centenary Concert at the Mill Bar in Sixmilebridge.
The Old Mill Bar and restaurant are great if you want to unwind, but each lodge has everything you need to cater for yourself, with a beautiful decking area from which to admire the views and tranquility, and many with a lovely, bubbling hot tub.
The class horses certainly look to be at the top of the weights in the Silk Mill Bar Handicap (7.
The old Rolling Mill bar in Western Road, Jarrow, is to be converted by Tyneside Early Education for up to 65 children.
Dinner is served in the old Sindlesham Mill Bar and Restaurant.
5 ISBN 1-877-12848-4 Although slam started at the Green Mill Bar in Chicago, it's the Nuyorican Poets Cafe that is the mecca of slam poetry.
And the club held a 'wake-party' at the Heritage Mill Bar and Bistro at Wellington Mills, Lindley, to mark its passing.
Sookie is a waitress in a run of the mill bar and restaurant in a run of the mill town in Louisiana, but it's a life made interesting by the fact she can hear the thoughts of the customers.
The owners are keen to emphasise that the hotel is open to non-residents seven days a week, and meals and light snacks will be served daily in the restaurant, the Cider Mill bar or on the surrounding terraces and gardens.
PLUSH: Kimberley Onjun, left, and Caroline Clark, in the top toilets at the Bishops Mill Bar in Durham.