Mill race

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the canal in which water is conveyed to a mill wheel, or the current of water which drives the wheel.

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Justification: Stormwater in this sub-basin discharges into the Mill Race, and includes various industrial pollutants from log yards, industrial sites, and heavy downtown vehicle traffic, resulting in periodic violations of state water quality
Since Bowey Homes started work on the Mill Race in Morpeth last year, interest has never waned.
As well as a charming, period house, there are beautifully laid-out water gardens with a running mill race and pools, providing marvellous opportunities for both family life and holiday letting, with a separately-accessed water mill and a three-bedroomed cottage.
The main elements of the work are a reinforced concrete trough of about 45 m3 a 12 m2 turbine house cleaning the mill race and supply and fitting of a sluice gate with hydraulic controls, a trash rack and ancillary items.
It might be raining on Earth, sprinkling raindrops on the Mill Race and making Franklin Boulevard a slippery, slick sheen, but down here, we're sweating.
Bowey Homes started work on Mill Race in Morpeth last year and interest has never waned.
There is a basement below this floor, and the building is adjoined by the original mill race (now dry).
On the property Goya Street / Max-Planck-StraE-e / Elster mill race / EitingonstraE-e the city of Leipzig is planning to build a four spacious sports high school with about 4,000 mA NF in passive house standard and a Dreifeldsporthalle with 2,000 mA NF.
Since Bowey Homes' started work on their Mill Race development in Morpeth last year, interest in the development has never waned.
One might expect that a band named Mill Race would hail from Eugene.
the development will consist of restoring the swimming and canoeing amenity value of the site (protected structure) to innlcude: the insertion of 2 deflectors into the river channel with associated river bed and banck stabilisation, excavation of deposits in the area behind the southern weir arm (protected structure), retention and stabilising of the southern weir arm and clearing and refurbishment of mill race and sluice gate.