Milling cutter

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a fluted, sharp-edged rotary cutter for dressing surfaces, as of metal, of various shapes.

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The designed milling cutter is designed for using carbide inserts.
The Z-Plunge milling cutter is designed for aerospace, die and mold, and general engineering applications.
"The F4042 Xtra-tec milling cutter has become an indispensable part of our companies operations.
The milling cutter body designs are for: 45[degrees] lead roughing, 30[degrees] lead roughing and finishing for standard operations and 30[degrees] lead finishing with adjustable wipers.
The chasing groove is cut by a chasing machine, called a 'chaser,' and the milling groove is cut by a 'milling cutter.' The chasers and milling cutters also need to be sharpened during their use, a task that requires a 'tool and cutter grinder.' To check the accuracy of sharpening, a 'roller checking jig' is also needed.
Endress+Hauser tested an Xtra*tec[R] F4042 shoulder milling cutter fitted with Walter inserts as the testbed for machining the part's hexagonal surface.
This is a four-tooth finishing milling cutter from Mikron Tool with shank-integrated cooling that's available in a diameter range of 1 to 8 mm and for milling depths up to 5X diameter.
During the experiments, the parameters of cutting regime (cutting speed, feed and cutting depth), milling cutter diameter and number of teeth varied (Minciu, 1971).
Sandvik Coromant Company expands its CoroMill 300 milling cutter line with the addition of extra close pitch cutters for finishing applications in high-speed machining.