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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The worthy sergeant had recognized the minister's secretary and the millionnaire, and, by way of paying extra attention to his noble neighbors, promised to keep their places while they paid a visit to Beauchamp.
The only wise Republicans are the millionnaires and their conscious henchmen.
I have learned from them that other millionnaires have been likewise mulcted or persecuted--how many is not known, for when one yields to the M.
After being on the run for more than four years, millionnaire and wanted murderer Peter Chadwick has been taken into custody, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office.
At 25 years old he's well on his way to becoming a self-made millionnaire. Not bad for the kid kicked out of Rumney High School, Cardiff.
Aaron Fawden celebrates after winning one millions pounds in the EuroMillions UK Millionnaire Maker draw.
IRELAND'S latest lottery millionnaire bought the winning Quick Pick ticket at a service station.
She opted instead, and enjoyed, the Millionnaire's Cheesecake ([pounds sterling]4.99) and I chose the Creme Brulee ([pounds sterling]4.99), stylishly served in a cup with matching saucer.
Yet when Jeff's dream girl was taken from him and their children by the ignorant act of a jealous misfit from his own home town, the millionnaire realised just how far he had come.
Some of the bills were much bigger, Thompson revealing: "I mistakenly thought John Hall and Freddy Shepherd had paid the world-record PS1m transfer fee to Wigan rugby league for Inga Tuigamala before I bought the club, but that bill soon landed on my doormat once I was the owner!" Having sold the Falcons in 2011 to current owner Semore Kurdi, the IT millionnaire chuckles when asked the story of how he came to be the main man.