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mill 1

a. A building equipped with machinery for grinding grain into flour or meal.
b. A device or mechanism that grinds grain.
a. A building or farm equipped with machinery that presses or grinds fruit to extract the juice: a cider mill.
b. A device or machine used to extract juice from fruit.
3. A machine or device that reduces a solid or coarse substance into pulp or minute grains by crushing, grinding, or pressing: a pepper mill.
4. A building or group of buildings equipped with machinery for processing raw materials into finished or industrial products: a textile mill; a steel mill.
a. A machine, such as one for stamping coins, that produces something by the repetition of a simple process.
b. A steel roller bearing a raised design, used for making a die or a printing plate by pressure.
c. Any of various machines for shaping, cutting, polishing, or dressing metal surfaces.
a. A process, agency, or institution that operates in a mechanical way or turns out products in the manner of a factory: The college was nothing more than a diploma mill.
b. A business that breeds and sells animals, such as purebred puppies, often in substandard conditions. Often used in combination: a puppy mill.
7. A difficult or laborious series of experiences: went through the mill trying to get approval to build an addition onto the house.
v. milled, mill·ing, mills
1. To grind, pulverize, or break down into smaller particles in a mill: mill grain.
2. To produce or process mechanically in a mill: mill steel.
3. To cut, shape, or finish in a mill or with a milling tool: logs that are milled for lumber.
a. To produce a ridge around the edge of (a coin).
b. To groove or flute the rim of (a coin or other metal object).
5. Western US To cause (cattle) to move in a circle or tightening spiral in order to stop a stampede.
1. To move around in churning confusion: "A crowd of school children milled about on the curb looking scared" (Anne Tyler).
2. Slang To fight with the fists; box.
3. To undergo milling: grain that mills well.

[Middle English milne, mille, from Old English mylen, from Late Latin molīna, molīnum, from feminine and neuter of molīnus, of a mill, from Latin mola, millstone, from molere, to grind; see melə- in Indo-European roots.]

mill 2

n. Abbr. M. or mi.
A unit of currency equal to 1/1000 of a US dollar or 1/10 of a cent.

[Short for Latin mīllēsimus, thousandth; see mil1.]


 (mĭlz), Robert 1781-1855.
American architect and engineer who designed a number of government buildings in Washington, DC, including the General Post Office and the Washington Monument.
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1. (Biography) Hayley. born 1946, British actress. Her films include Pollyanna (1960) and The Parent Trap (1961)
2. (Biography) her father, Sir John. 1908–2005, British actor. His films include This Happy Breed (1944), Great Expectations (1946), and Ryan's Daughter (1971)
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Noun1.Mills - United States architect who was the presidentially appointed architect of Washington D.C. (1781-1855)Mills - United States architect who was the presidentially appointed architect of Washington D.C. (1781-1855)
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But from certain passages (suppressed here because mixed up with irrelevant matter) it appears clearly that at the time of the meeting in the cafe, Mills had already gathered, in various quarters, a definite view of the eager youth who had been introduced to him in that ultra-legitimist salon.
Mills got in touch with Blunt at once and put the suggestion before him.
Her name was Miss Mills. and Dora called her Julia.
They now came in sight of some large water mills that stood in the middle of the river, and the instant Don Quixote saw them he cried out, "Seest thou there, my friend?
I worked seventeen years in them mills, an' I've took notice that most of the accidents happens just before whistle-blow.* I'm willin' to bet that more accidents happens in the hour before whistle-blow than in all the rest of the day.
The very river that moves the machinery in the mills (for they are all worked by water power), seems to acquire a new character from the fresh buildings of bright red brick and painted wood among which it takes its course; and to be as light- headed, thoughtless, and brisk a young river, in its murmurings and tumblings, as one would desire to see.
I wish I was as old and homely, and good and happy, as Miss Mills!"
His heart swelled agreeably as he said, "Well, Mills, how is my aunt?"
He tried in stores and offices, in restaurants and hotels, along the docks and in the railroad yards, in warehouses and mills and factories where they made products that went to every corner of the world.
But sorrow comes in the night, and the miller all of a sudden became so poor that at last he could hardly call the mill in which he sat his own.
And this is Dorlcote Mill. I must stand a minute or two here on the bridge and look at it, though the clouds are threatening, and it is far on in the afternoon.
A CHARGER, feeling the infirmities of age, was sent to work in a mill instead of going out to battle.