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Noun1.gritstone - a hard coarse-grained siliceous sandstonegritstone - a hard coarse-grained siliceous sandstone
sandstone - a sedimentary rock consisting of sand consolidated with some cement (clay or quartz etc.)
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6 Summit up: The Cow & Calf - a pair of huge millstone grit boulders on Ilkley Moor - are ideal for getting to grips with climbing and abseiling.
Overlying the Cadence structure, the Yoredale and Millstone Grit formations subcrop against the Base Permian Unconformity creating a stratigraphic trap similar to those producing elsewhere in the Southern North Sea.
Millstone Grit (1975) by Glyn Hughes Ted Hughes's friend spent several years garretted high above Saddleworth Moor
Criticism arose because transport planners and engineers across northern England have to take into account millstone grit, a sandstone, which makes up much of the geology.
Planners and engineers dealing with transport links across northern England have to take into account the millstone grit which accounts for much of the landscape.
Coarser sand and pebbles eventually became gritstone, also known as Millstone Grit because millstones were made from it.
Heather-strewn hills and moorland, millstone grit, chimney stacks and a twite (a rare moorland dwelling bird) are among the characteristic features and local scenes depicted in the work, which took more than six weeks to create.
The bakestone, a locally quarried slab of millstone grit, was once the universal kind of cooking equipment in the Staffordshire Moorlands, and probably stretched back to Neolithic times.
The garden used 250 tonnes of millstone grit and is Grade Two* listed.
We learnt about capital cities and American states and then occasionally we were taken on a field trip to the Peak District so we could stand behind millstone grit outcrops, smoking Player's No 6s.
Electric logs indicate the well intersected gas bearing Namurian Millstone Grit Formation (Carboniferous) at 10029ft and indications of formation gas are seen from mudlogs down to 11440ft.