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(mə-lō′shə-vĭch′), Slobodan 1941-2006.
Serbian politician who served as president of Serbia (1989-1997) and of Serbia and Montenegro (1997-2000). Following the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia he promoted the idea of a Greater Serbia and supported Serbian militias in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. In 2002, a United Nations criminal tribunal charged Milošević with crimes against humanity and genocide, but he died before the trial ended.


(Biography) Slobodan (ˈslɒbədæn). 1941–2006, Serbian politician, president of Serbia (1989–97) and of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1997–2000). He supported ethnic cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1992–95) and Kosovo (1998–99). He was ousted in 2000 and brought to trial (2001) for war crimes; died in prison before the trial was concluded


(mɪˈloʊ sə vɪtʃ)
Slobodan, born 1941, president of Serbia 1989–97, president of Yugoslavia 1997–2000.