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also Me·los  (mē′lôs) or Mi·lo (mē′lō, mī′-)
An island of southeast Greece in the Cyclades Islands of the Aegean Sea. It was a flourishing trade and obsidian-mining center in ancient times but lost importance when bronze replaced obsidian as a material for tools and weapons. The famous statue Venus de Milo was discovered here in 1820.


(Placename) transliteration of the Modern Greek name for Melos


(ˈmi lɒs, -loʊs)

also Milos

a Greek island in the Cyclades, in the SW Aegean. 4560; 51 sq. mi. (132 sq. km).
Me′li•an, adj., n.
References in classic literature ?
There were bits of old brocade on the walls, and the piano was covered with a piece of silk, beautiful and tarnished; in one corner was a copy of the Venus of Milo, and in another of the Venus of the Medici.
Mirabel admires your figure; he calls you 'the Venus of Milo, in a state of perfect abridgment.
I have heard speak," said Porthos, "of a certain Milo of Crotona, who performed wonderful feats, such as binding his forehead with a cord and bursting it -- of killing an ox with a blow of his fist and carrying it home on his shoulders, et cetera.
As he said this, he disengaged from beneath his cloak a hand of which Milo of Crotona would have envied him the possession, on the day when he had that unhappy idea of rending his last oak.
But everybody knew how perfect an instrument her voice was; and there was no display of anger, but only of horror and dismay, the sort of dismay which men would have felt if they had witnessed the catastrophe that broke the arms of the Venus de Milo.
No, for that very resemblance affrights me; I should have liked something more in the manner of the Venus of Milo or Capua; but this chase-loving Diana continually surrounded by her nymphs gives me a sort of alarm lest she should some day bring on me the fate of Actaeon.
The ample heavy folds of the velvet left just room at the two corners of the wall for two little upright cabinets in buhl, containing rows of drawers, and supporting two fine bronze productions (reduced in size) of the Venus Milo and the Venus Callipyge.
Milos Pechtor, 31, was presented with the annual Phil Evans Award, which is given to the Swansea doctor who recorded the highest score in the clinical skills component of the GP's licensing exam, the MRCGP.
Laura, 19, through to the fourth round of Wimbledon after a gutsy victory over Marina Erakovic 1-6, 7-5, 6-3 yesterday, has grown close to the 6ft 5ins World No 15 Canadian Milos Raonic and the pair often exchange flirty tweets.
No two people's Milos can be the same - you are actually sculpting a human being.