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(mɪlˈpi təs)

a town in W California. 50,686.
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Ah' when he gets back to Milpitas, or Sleepy Hollow, or wherever he hangs out, an' tells how the boys does things in Oakland, it's dollars to doughnuts they won't be a rube in his district that'd come to town to drive if they offered ten dollars an hour.
MILPITAS -- Five-term Mayor Jose Esteves, a Filipino American, told hundreds of constituents at his very first State of the City address May 30 that the city was in a better position compared with others in Northern California.
Magnum Semiconductor is headquartered in Milpitas, Calif.
Since several leading medical device firms are located in California, our Milpitas facility provides those firms access to a full suite of services and unique capabilities which are in close proximity to those organizations, enabling quick access and collaboration," said Misha Rozenberg, senior vice president and Chief Quality Officer, Solectron.
The branch will be located in the Milpitas Square shopping center in Milpitas.
Nanometrics maintains its headquarters in Milpitas, California, and sales and service offices worldwide.
Headquartered in Milpitas, California, Phoenix Technologies currently operates 16 offices worldwide in global business technology centers, including China, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and several locations within the United States.
The program will be held at Solectron's Milpitas headquarters on Friday, May 20, and will draw 23 Bay Area non-profits and charities.
The Company maintains its headquarters in Milpitas, and sales and service offices worldwide.
We welcome and expect the success of Solectron's enclosures and sheet metal center in Milpitas as an important step for better product development and key for conducting business.
Based in Milpitas, California, VESA is an international trade association serving over 100 member companies participating in the video display market.
Access to these applications will soon be expanded to include the city's fleet of motorcycle patrols as well as the more than 20 engines of the Milpitas Fire Department.