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 (mĭl′tən), John 1608-1674.
English poet and scholar who is best known for the epic poem Paradise Lost (1667), an account of humanity's fall from grace.

Mil·ton′ic (-tŏn′ĭk) adj.


(Biography) John. 1608–74, English poet. His early works, notably L'Allegro and Il Penseroso (1632), the masque Comus (1634), and the elegy Lycidas (1637), show the influence of his Christian humanist education and his love of Italian Renaissance poetry. A staunch Parliamentarian and opponent of episcopacy, he published many pamphlets during the Civil War period, including Areopagitica (1644), which advocated freedom of the press. His greatest works were the epic poems Paradise Lost (1667; 1674), and Paradise Regained (1671) and the verse drama Samson Agonistes (1671)


(ˈmɪl tn)

John, 1608–74, English poet.
Mil•ton′ic (-ˈtɒn ɪk) Mil•to′ni•an (-ˈtoʊ ni ən) adj.
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Noun1.Milton - English poetMilton - English poet; remembered primarily as the author of an epic poem describing humanity's fall from grace (1608-1674)
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Milton both in his life and work was cold and lonely.
When, on a bleak December day in 1606, more than three hundred years ago, Milton was born, Elizabeth was dead, and James of Scotland sat upon the throne, but many of the great Elizabethans still lived.
What a shame it seems to have had Milton all this time in the library and never to have read him yet
Arnold looked back, in a violent hurry, from Blanche to Milton.
Your ignorance, brother," returned she, "as the great Milton says, almost subdues my patience.
MY DEAR SIR, I came from my house at Milton, the 26 in the morning.
The next evening, I intended with my children to Milton, but meeting two or three small parties of the ruffians, who I suppose had concealed themselves in the country, and my coachman hearing one of them say, "There he is
Nevertheless this period includes in prose one writer greater than any prose writer of the previous century, namely Francis Bacon, and, further, the book which unquestionably occupies the highest place in English literature, that is the King James version of the Bible; and in poetry it includes one of the very greatest figures, John Milton, together with a varied and highly interesting assemblage of lesser lyrists.
There are, of course, many objections to what I say: Milton is a great example of the contrary; but his opinion with respect to the 'Paradise Regained' is by no means fairly ascertained.
Only the rare and exceptional genius of Vergil and Milton could use the Homeric medium without loss of individuality: and this quality none of the later epic poets seem to have possessed.
Homer was blind, and so was Milton, and they did something to be remembered by, in spite of it," he said, as if to himself, in a solemn tone, for even the blue goggles did not bring a smile.
On the 17th of July, a small brigade of fourteen trappers, led by Milton Sublette, brother of the captain, set out with the intention of proceeding to the southwest.