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Noun1.Miltown - a sedative and tranquilizer (trade name Miltown and Equanil and Meprin) used to treat muscle tension and anxiety
antianxiety drug, anxiolytic, anxiolytic drug, minor tranquilizer, minor tranquilliser, minor tranquillizer - a tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and reduce tension and irritability
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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The Bannermen held a 1-3 to 0-3 advantage at the break in Miltown Malbay but Cork rallied in the second period to level by the 50th minute.
From a level start Karlow Eddie turned second behind Miltown Ridge but raced to the front at halfway and won by three and a half lengths from reserve Blackhill Rock.
Among other things, we get to meet his kids who mispronounce words, and hear Tambor talk about the time his mom slipped him a Miltown before his bar mitzvah to combat his anxiety.
It was also the period during which American psychopharmacology was born--meprobamate (Miltown), imipramine (Tofranil), and chlorpromazine (Thorazine)--yet there is virtually no mention of this.
I have a recording of The Limerick Rake' made (with permission) in 1974 in Queally's bar in Miltown Malbay, where the two singers emerged in tandem in a characteristically comfortable, sometimes uproarious manner.
He has been teaching at the Willie Clancy Summer School in Miltown Malbay, Co Clare for many years and he also teaches on the MA course in traditional irish music performance at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick.
I didn't know they were heading to Miltown Malbay, but that wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.
Pamela and Denise Moore were discovered lying on rocks at the edge of a beach, about 10 feet apart at Whitestrand at Miltown Malbay in Co Clare on March 11.
The fully-clothed bodies of Pamela and Denise Moore, aged in their early 50s, were found ten feet apart on rocks at Whitestrand, in Miltown Malbay, Co Clare, last Friday.
The women were found at White Strand, near Miltown Malbay, in County Clare on Friday.
In addition, she incorporates oral, history interviews with two pharmaceutical innovators, Frank Berger (who discovered Miltown) and Leo Sternbach (who discovered Librium and Valium).
Tone makes a Compelling argument that the astounding success of Miltown as a tension reliever represented a revolution in at least two respects: first, in solidifying a shift toward biological psychiatry in the treatment of mental afflictions; and secondly, in marking the advent of "lifestyle drugs." As Tone writes, "the drug's appeal fomented a fundamental and lasting change in how Americans viewed and used prescription medicines: It was okay to see doctors for drugs to make them feel better about the vagaries of life, not just to treat diseases."