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The final period of the Mogollon culture, from the 9th to the 13th century, noted for its distinctive pottery bowls painted with black-on-white designs.

[After the valley of the Mimbres River in southwestern New Mexico, in which the culture flourished, from Spanish mimbres, pl. of mimbre, willow, withy, wicker, variant of vimbre, from Old Spanish vimbre, vimpne, from Latin vīmen, vīmin-; see wei- in Indo-European roots.]
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There are also beautiful and effective photographs illustrating a wide range of topics, from paleo-Indian points and Mimbres pottery, through Mesa Verde, Tikal, and Aztec codices, to Inca stonework and Macchu Pichu.
The theme of life, death and rebirth is portrayed in an Egyptian mummy case, the Pieta, a Mimbres bowl, and a Roman sarcophagus.
New Perspectives on Mimbres Archaeology: Three Millennia of Human Occupation in the North American Southwest
Como todas las grandes obras artisticas (ya sean literarias, cinematograficas o televisivas), Mad Men ofrece una lectura del presente con los mimbres del pasado y su ultima temporada supuso "el fin de una era", como rezaba la publicidad de la cadena AMC.