Minamata disease

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Min·a·ma·ta disease

A degenerative neurological disorder caused by poisoning with a mercury compound found in seafood obtained from waters contaminated with mercury-containing industrial waste.

[After Minamata, a town of western Kyushu, Japan.]

Min•a•ma′ta disease`

(ˌmɪn əˈmɑ tə)

a severe form of mercury poisoning characterized by neurological degeneration.
[after Minamata Bay, Japan, source of fish poisoning in 1953–58]
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Noun1.Minamata disease - a form of mercury poisoning among people who ate fish from mercury-contaminated waters of Minamata Bay off Japan in the 1950s; characterized by severe neurological degeneration
mercury poisoning - a toxic condition caused by ingesting or inhaling mercury; acute mercury poisoning causes a metallic taste and vomiting and diarrhea and kidney problems that may lead to death
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