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(ˌmi nɑŋ kəˈbaʊ)

n., pl. -baus, (esp. collectively) -bau.
1. a member of a people dispersed throughout W Indonesia and Malaysia, though most numerous in their historical homeland, the highlands of W central Sumatra.
2. the Austronesian language of the Minangkabau.
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Dr Peter Minang, a research scientist at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) told the over 1,200 delegates at the 4th World Congress on Agroforestry in Montpellier, France, this week that Africa is only going to achieve resilient climate-smart and sustainable development if farmers can build on agroforestry systems."Africa is endowed with massive traditional agroforestry systems, such as the one in Ethiopia, where coffee originated," said Minag.
When meeting with Myanmars state affairs Aung San Suu Kyi, the National Defense Force Commander Minang Lai, and Bangladeshs Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Alam, Foreign Secretary Huck and other high-level politicians, Sun Envoy encouraged the two sides to be friendly and friendly.
Ante este panorama el IPCC reconoce la necesidad de establecer medidas de mitigacion y adaptacion con miras a reducir los riesgos del cambio climatico (Duguma, Minang, & Van Noordwijk, 2014).
This mixes rural traditions with the latest Western urban trends, such as in the case of pop Minang and pop Sunda in Indonesia.
In Masbate, seven victims of drowning were recorded - Susana Celesti, 46; Minang Macahilig, 11; Rosana Macahilig, all residents of Brgy Nonoc, Claveria town, Masbate province; Juan G.
In Masbate, the casualties were Susana Celesti, Minang Celesti Macahilig, Rosana Celesti Macahilig, Juan Francisco, Jun Nerza, Teresita Fapillajera, and Marilyn Catarinin of the towns of Claveria, Mobo, and Uson.
The OCD said Susana Celesti, 46, and siblings Minang Macahilig, 11, and Rosana, 9, all of Barangay (village) Nonoc in Claveria town, drowned while sailing in a small motor banca from Balatan town in Camarines Sur province going to their home in San Pascual town in Burias Island in Masbate.
First Lady Iriana Jokowi wears red Minang traditional clothing, complete with her headgear.
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Driver Line-up: Nazim Azman (Malaysia); Harri Jones (Australia); Richard Wagner (Germany); Robert Megennis (USA); Henning Enqvist (Sweden); Julien Falchero (France); Daniel Nielsen Frost (Singapore); Rinus Van Kalmthout (Netherlands); Perdana Putra Minang (Indonesia); Kurt Hill (Australia); Dylan Young (Australia); Alex Karkosik (Poland); Michelangelo Amendola (Belgium); Felipe Drugovich (Brazil); Presley Martono (Indonesia); Louis Gachot (France); Manuel Maldonado (Venezuela).
How else could the third-generation nasi padang minang with its origins in West Sumatera on Transfer Road have become a Penang institution?