mind reading

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mind reading

The faculty of discerning another's thoughts through extrasensory means of communication; telepathy.

mind reader n.

mind′ read`ing

the supposed ability to discern the thoughts of others without the normal means of communication, esp. by means of a preternatural power.
mind′ read`er, n.
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"Mindreading" in Baron-Cohen's terms is the ability to attribute mental states (such as intention) to the people with whom one interacts by, first, representing (encoding) the sensory cues they present, and then processing (decoding) the representations.
When the same masked magician referred to Ant and Dec's 'undeniable bond' and asked them out on stage to be the stooges in his/her mindreading act though, the mood changed to something vastly more emotional.
Normative data of the Cambridge mindreading test in Spanish for young adults in the city of barranquilla, Colombia.
Talking through his two goals, and a sublime combination with Rondon, brilliant Perez added the duo to a famous list of mindreading striker link-ups.
From this review, one may be familiarized with software programs with evaluation purposes such as Emotion Recognition Task, CAM-C, CERT, Penn Emotion Recognition, and V-REST (14,25,27,29), as well as programs with intervention purposes such as Mood Maker, FaceMaze, Facesay, Emotiplay, and MindReading (21-24).
Queenie Goldstein (Alison Sudol) Mindreading witch who falls in love with a 'No-Maj'.
Newt's covert mission exposes a tangled web, which ensnares MACUSA agent Tina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston), her mindreading sister Queenie (Alison Sudol) and non-magical beau Jacob (Dan Fogler), and Newt's former sweetheart Leta Lestrange (Zoe Kravitz).
And even the mindreading effect on the 3x3 square can be done.
(1994) How to build a baby that reads minds: Cognitive mechanisms in mindreading. Curr.
Nichols, "Mindreading and the cognitive architecture underlying altruistic motivation," Mind & Language, vol.
Making all of these determinations depends not only on the larger speech context, but also on the successful mindreading (that is, mental model ascription) of all participants.